don't let your dreams be dreams.
don't let your dreams be dreams.
"Transformation isn’t easy. It isn’t pretty. Ever watch a bird hatch? It’s fucking exhausting. You don’t ascend from that lowest place of your life in a tidy straight line, moving a few inches upward every day. No, it’s a messy and jerky and unpredictable trajectory. But it is a trajectory. And the general direction - from the moment of your decision forward - is always going to be UP. Up and out. You will shed whatever and whomever you need to shed. You will find whatever and whomever you need to find. You will crawl and bawl. Until eventually you are standing, finally, on your own two feet in your own shower of light. Until you are the person you never would have been, had you never met your own worst darkness face-to-face. And that is the gift that ruin offers us."
Elizabeth Gilbert (via liquid-diamonds-flowing)





“Any ideas for the new park sculpture?”
“How about a giant, metallic octopus attacking a rook?”

that’s cool as fuck though

that’s not a rock it is a chess piece

it says “rook” darling

*reapplies to pre-K* *send apology macaroni art to fuckeverythingbecomeapirate*